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Sites n Stores operates with You in mind.

We are here to help small business owners.

We want to help entrepreneurs get moving online.

Click Here to enquire or give us a call on (213) 634-1668. We would be happy to chat with you and answer all of your questions.

Our History

Sites n Stores was founded in 2008 when I was ripped off by a major web business.

I got angry. Then I created Sites n Stores.

I wanted to show Australia that things could be done differently, that truly affordable web development is possible. And that small businesses from everywhere around Australia can make their mark in the online world without paying a fortune.

I look forward to our journey together.

Kind Regards,


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We build websites

Do we ever!!

We've built over 8000 in the last 8 years so we definitely know what we're doing.

We custom design ALL of our websites we don't use pre-designed templates.

Nope we don't believe in them.

We reckon you should get the look you are wanting so we put the pressure on ourselves to deliver at the cost that's right for your business.

We've got heaps of examples to show you so click and follow the instructions.


Online Stores

If you've dreamt of getting your new Online Store up and going or want a "Brand New Whizz Bang One" then we are the most experienced having built and rebuilt thousands... Yeah... thousands!!

The world of E-commerce has well and truly taken off. Who knows what the next BIG THING is.

Sometimes you just need to give it a go.

With thousands of E-commerce built we know how to get your business up and going.

We want you to get up and going as cost effectively as possible. We've got heaps of examples to show you so click on the links and follow the instructions.