How On-Site SEO Techniques Can Bring In More Customers

Putting your Business Online is a great way to increase your Brand awareness and generate more sales for your Business. But this only works if you can channel people to your Website, otherwise it will simply be sitting there in Google gathering dust and cobwebs.

If your Website or Online Store is looking a little shy of visitors, then one of the best remedies is to invest some time into undertaking some On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

And before you freak out, SEO isn’t always about complex backend Website stuff. More often than not, you as a Small Business Owner can perform On-Site SEO for your Website. This refers to the small tweaks you can make on your Website Landing Pages, that is, the pages on direct show to you site visitors: your Homepage, About Us, Services and others.  Basically, the better the experience that you give your Site visitors, the more ‘worthy’ Google will deem your Site and is therefore more likely to boost it up higher in the Search Result Pages.

No idea where to start your On-Site Optimization? No worries! Keep on reading to learn a few nifty tips and tricks you can perform at home!

Page Titles

Page Titles

Page Titles are exactly what they sound like. Making sure that you have clear, easily readable and relevant Page Titles is one of the most important On-Page SEO techniques you can use. And best of all, it’s incredibly easy to implement.

When a Search Engine crawls your Website, the Page Title tells it exactly what your specific Landing Page is about. What this really means is that your page will then be indexed for super relevant Keywords, making it easier for Customers who have used those Keywords in a search to find your Site.

So instead of making your Page Title a super cutesy or totally awesome slang term, stick to simplicity and just name that Landing Page “Chocolate Cake Recipe for Kids”. If someone is searching for this kind of content, this is probably the kind of phrase they are most likely to type into Google search box.

However, your Page Title needs to have a H1 tag attached to it in the coding. Without this, it just disappears into the crowd of text on your Landing Page. So if you don’t know how to do that, contact your Developer to do it for you.

Keyword Dense Copywriting

Keyword Dense Copywriting

When it comes to effective SEO techniques and impressing the Search Engines, content really is king. Creating powerful content to aid in your SEO efforts is an incredibly easy strategy you can use to help increase your Search Engine Rankings. By creating easy to read content that incorporates Keywords likely to be used by your Target Audience, Search Engines will love you for it.

This is because Google loves showing its searchers updated and relevant information. So if your content is coloured with Keywords Google’s searchers are using, it’ll deem your Site as being more valuable to its users than that of another Businesses.

But make sure you don’t get carried away! Search Engines will punish your Site if it feels you are “Keyword Stuffing”. This is when people cram as many Keywords into their content as possible – it could even be Keywords that aren’t relevant to that particular content! -  in an attempt to appear as more relevant to searchers. This underhanded technique became blacklisted by the likes of Google several years ago, with the Search Engine now punishing Sites who utilize this technique.

Instead aim to write content that is fluent, comprehensive and helpful, utilizing common Key Phrases that your audience is likely to be searching. This is what will get you the best On-Site SEO results.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions

Meta-who-ha? Never heard of it? Well that’s perfectly fine! Let’s give you the rundown.

Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags are the little descriptions that are seen on the actual Search Engine Results. They’re incredibly effective when Marketing your Landing Pages to people who haven’t even reached your Website yet, as they act as a small blurb that can entice searchers to click on your Site.

By adding relevant Keywords to your Products or Services in this description, your customers will know exactly what your Business does and what products or services you provide before they click on your Website. Think of it kind of like creating an alluring window display to influence people to enter a physical store.

Writing unique Meta Descriptions for your Landing Pages is very easy to do, especially for a WordPress Website!

URL Structure

URL Structure

I bet you’ve never even considered that the URL Structure of your Website could be used to benefit your SEO. Well, when written properly, your URL can prove extremely helpful in boosting your SEO efforts.

Remember, your URL is what appears in the top bar of your browser when you click through to a Website. By making sure that the URL structure is logical and easy to remember, you will benefit tremendously. So instead of making a super lengthy URL, or adding a heap of random numbers, condense that thing and make it simple.

There’s really nothing worse than having to type a URL into a search bar that ends in This will not only confuse your potential customers, but also the Search Engines, as they won’t be able to identify what that particular page is about. Try including a highly relevant Keyword into the URL too, this will see you getting even higher marks from the Search Engines!

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags may sound like an overly complicated alien form of Development, but it’s ok, we promise it sounds scarier than it really is. When adding Image Alt Tags, all you’re doing is adding coding to the Image so that Search Engines know what that Image is actually about.

We’re not quite at the level of sophistication where Search Engines can look at Images and understand what they are – so we have to give them a bit of help. By adding Image Alt Tags, the Search Engines are able to crawl your Site and identify the images for what they really are, classifying them as either useful or not to its users.

Adding and updating your images along with their Alt Tags could also increase your SEO Rankings, as Search Engines love fresh Content.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the method of creating hyperlinks within your Landing Pages to other Landing Pages on your Site. Super easy!

Add these hyperlinks within your Copywriting, which can easily be done with a WordPress Website. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, add a Call-To-Action Button that links to another Landing Page on your Website.

And if you can’t quite figure out how to do these Optimizations, then contact your Developer to help you do them. They should be more than happy to help you out.



And finally, the most common form of On-Site SEO. By adding a Blog to your Website and regularly writing on it, you’re really giving your Website that health boost it needs to rise in the rankings and attract more visitors to your Site.

With each Blog you post, your Small Business has the ability to rank for each of the individual Blog Landing Pages. You’ll reach more new Customers and you’ll be adding fresh new Content all the time.

A Blog is definitely worth it, but does take a lot of time. So keep that in mind when considering this technique for your Small Business Website.


Now that you’re empowered with these quick and easy SEO Techniques, it’s time to start optimizing. It doesn’t matter if you only have a 3-page Website, On-Site Optimization is absolutely worth it.

But we know these tasks take time, something precious to a Small Business Owner. So if you really want to give your Website an extra boost, contact Sites n Stores! We’ll provide expert SEO Services to give you peace of mind.

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