A Sites n Stores SEO Success Story: Melbourne Muscular Therapies

If you’re a Small Business Owner who has experienced the benefits of ranking highly in Search Engine results, you’ll agree that focusing your efforts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really is worth it.

If this is something you’ve yet to experience however, listen closely to what we’re about to tell you. SEO is a fantastic Online Marketing tool that increases your overall visibility online. It aids in directing traffic to your site from Search Engines and increases your chances of growing a list of potential customers. Also, being completely free makes it a hugely popular marketing must-have for any growing Business.

If your Small Business is yet to truly utilize SEO, you’re missing out. It’s time to realise the incredible importance of SEO for your Website, so you can grow and strengthen your Business’s Online presence.

To really demonstrate the advantage that SEO will give your Small Business, we wanted to tell you about a Small Business, just like yours, that generated a huge success simply by investing in SEO here with us at Sites n Stores.

Melbourne Muscular Therapies

Melbourne Muscular Therapies

Melbourne Muscular Therapies is a Melbourne-based body therapy clinic offering the restoration of muscle movement and deep tissue treatment. For over 15 years, Melbourne Muscular Therapies has been a Small Neighbourhood Business, helping local customers improve their health and wellbeing.

Despite being known within the neighbourhood and receiving a decent amount of clientele each month, most of this was recurring Business, or that which was generated through word of mouth. Though this kept the Business afloat, General Manager, Aaron Keigaldie knew the Business wasn’t reaching its full potential and admitted the Business struggled to gain any new streams of customers. This caused growing concerns about cash-flow in the future.

After speaking with some customers and doing his own research Owner and Founder of the Business, Marcus Sinfield, discovered the enormous importance of an Online presence for their Small Business, in terms of attracting new customers through the door. Despite having a Website, Melbourne Muscular Therapies may have well been non-existent in the Online World, as it wasn’t even ranking on the first page of Search Engine results.

Before beginning a SEO strategy, Marcus and Aaron didn’t fully understand what SEO was and how it could work for their Business. They had heard of Search Engine Optimization and its ability to grow traffic to their Website, but with a busy work and home-life schedule, they weren’t able to invest the time necessary to develop a strategy. And that’s when they decided to engage Sites n Stores
(that’s’ us!) in implementing a professional and effective SEO Strategy for them

The Results

The Results

Just 3 months after implementing their SEO strategy, Melbourne Muscular Therapies received such an influx of new cliental, that they were able to hire 4 new staff members and purchase a range of new equipment which allowed them to expand their services to clients. Marcus said he “had no idea that the results from SEO would come in so quickly” and is now a huge believer in the incredible power of SEO.

His Business is now not only out-ranking most of its competitors in Search Engine results, but is consistently bringing a flow of new customers through the door, generating a cash-flow that continues to grow the Business and see it thrive.

By utilizing a calculated SEO strategy, this initially small Melbourne Business has been able to increase their Online Presence, drive traffic to their Website and then convert these Online searchers into happy, paying customers.

Furthermore, by allowing Sites n Stores to take care of everything for them, Marcus has been able to manage his busy role as a Small Business Owner, with that of being a loving father to his 17-month-old daughter, Reishi.

“Outsourcing to Sites n Stores has really taken a load off my mind and given me a chance to spend more time with my family, which is the actual goal of expanding my Business in the first place”, Marcus says.

“I’m now able to spend more time with her, taking her to swimming lessons, spending time in nature, playing on the swings. All these things that I wouldn’t have had time for when I was working 7 days a week trying to generate more Business.”

In this way, SEO has not only changed Marcus’ Business for the better, it has also changed his life as a Small Business Owner. With less stress, more free time and more customers coming into his Business, he can be the successful Business man and loving father he always wanted to be.

Improves Customer Engagement

To watch Marcus’ remarkable SEO Business Journey watch the video below!


Marcus’ story is not only an excellent example of an SEO Success Journey, but an overall Small Business success story. Melbourne Muscular Therapies has transformed into the thriving Business it is today through the use of the Digital Marketing Powerhouse that is SEO.

If you’re finding yourself struggling to bring new customers through your door, or clicking on your products Online, then there’s an important lesson to be learnt here. By levering SEO, you too could experience the same success as Marcus and his team at Melbourne Muscular Therapies.

If you’re not sure of how to start the SEO process, give us a call at Sites n Stores. Just like Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we can create a highly effective and professional SEO Campaign that can help to boost your Search Engine ranking and drive more traffic to your Website! We’ve successfully helped thousands of Small Businesses grow using SEO and now we want to help you. Give our team of professionals a call and watch us transform your Small Business Online.

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